What is the best way for young Scouting alumni (21-30) to stay involved?


The Boy Scouts of America has been pushing to reconnect with alumni for a few years now. While this is a great idea and needed, how are Councils using their alumni and getting them to stay connected?

So far my Council has reached out for money by inviting them to fundraising events and sending out letters, but hasn't really developed a good alumni program. A couple of folks have gone on to take district positions but they are the exception.


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There's 10 great ideas, including specific usage examples, in this PDF from Scouting.org entitled "Re-engage with Scouting Alumni." It mentions a lot of ways that younger alumni could reconnect and includes a caveat when a particular idea isn't great for younger alumni.

For councils, there's a "Recommended Council Alumni Relations Committee Structure" PDF, but it doesn't really talk about generational issues when it comes to recruiting alumni. I pored through the Alumni Section of the Scouting.org website, but didn't see much else specifically targeting younger alumni (although the Alumni Adventures sure seems like it'd be a great sell for that audience).

I found one networking group out there for Scouting alumni, the "Young Business Scouting Alumni of Central Texas" group on LinkedIn. This seems like a perfect way to connect to younger alumni while providing a valuable service, professional networking.

San Diego - Imperial Council has a specific division of their Eagle Scout Alumni targeted for 18-30 year olds called the "Eagle Reserve Corps," which provides troop leadership and Trail to Eagle support.

Patriot's Path Council hosts mixers for young Scouting alumni.

Hope this gives you some ideas! :)


I got reconnected to Scouting Before my Sons were born by walking into a Scout Office and asking to be a Unit Commissioner. Got to meet a lot of great people and get back into my passion. When my sons were born i filled out their birth certificate and Scout application on the same day. I now have an Eagle Scout, Life Scout, A Bear and a Tiger Scout and 2 girls who cannot wait to join Ventures.There is no better group for boy and their families to be in. Everyone who has been in the program should seek out this program to stay involved and give back and the Alumni program is a great way to do that.

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