About HalfEagle Answers

This site is a community of cheerful, adult Scouting volunteers and professionals ready to provide helpful answers to Scouting questions. We use our real identities and participate here according to the same Scouting values we teach to youth.

This is a new site. Some features are not yet implemented, some features may be removed, and some aspects of the site will change as the site grows. Your feedback is appreciated!

The Difference

Typical online community sites are set up in a way that topics can quickly get out of control. How many times have you seen a forum thread or mailing list discussion about a simple uniforming question transform itself into a heated argument about unrelated policies? Instead of chronological discussion threads, HalfEagle Answers is set up so the best answers rise to the top and off-topic answers sink to the bottom.

Rather than having a small team of overworked volunteer moderators, we mostly moderate ourselves through voting on every post in the site. There are still moderators, but they rarely need to step in.

Community Standards

We believe in giving answers, not starting arguments. We believe in discussion, not debate. All behavior on this site is guided by Scouting values. First, the slogan, "Do a Good Turn Daily" and second, the Scout Law:

  1. Trustworthy We use real identities.
  2. Loyal We share and support official BSA policies.
  3. Helpful We do our best to answer each question as it's stated.
  4. Friendly We treat Internet Scouters like our real life Scouting friends.
  5. Courteous We are polite to all members.
  6. Kind We remember that each of us once knew nothing about Scouting. ;)
  7. Obedient We agree that moderator decisions are final.
  8. Cheerful We demonstrate Scout Spirit in every answer.
  9. Thrifty We provide answers that are direct and to the point.
  10. Brave We stand up for the Scouting program.
  11. Clean We use appropriate language, and report inappropriate language.
  12. Reverent We respect the beliefs of others.


Every member has a reputation score (shown in gold at the top right corner of each page). Reputation affects your privileges on the site. If your reputation is too low, you will be unable to participate fully and may be banned from the site. If your reputation is high, you will have the ability to do more on the site. There are many ways to earn reputation, but these are the main ways:

  1. Upvote on your answer +10 points
  2. Upvote on your question +10 points
  3. Earning Badges From +50 to +150 points per badge

You can also lose points by posting off-topic or inflammatory questions or answers:

  1. Downvote on your answer -10 points
  2. Downvote on your question -10 points
  3. Post flagged for violating community standards -50 points

As our community grows, the reputation system will be adjusted. This may mean occasional recalculations of overall score.

Legal Info

This site was created by Gregg Hilferding in October of 2011. Posts are owned by their authors. The site and content are provided on an "as is" basis, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This website is independently operated and is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone and in no way represent the views of the Boy Scouts of America. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA®, the BSA Universal Emblem, the Venturing diamond logo, and all other related marks are trademarks owned exclusively by the Boy Scouts of America.